Soulful Organics

Welcome to Soulful organics!

We are soulful because we love what we do and how we do it… with passion and integrity. 

We are importing organic and fair trade food for ourselves, our families, and the people of Costa Rica.

We embarked on this adventure months ago; when we recognized the lack of availability of so many organic staples and products.

We have overcome many challenges; to create a process that allows us to import organic food into this country. We are now approved organic food importers, with a substantially diverse product base.

Our goal is to support the organic, Non-GMO, gluten free, and fair trade enterprises by
facilitating access to their products. Providing people the freedom of affordable, clean food choices.  With integrity and passion, we strive to continually understand and meet the needs of our communities.  All while maintaining a high standard of true product source.

We look forward to helping you live healthfully.

Clean food is everyone’s birth right.